Bid Day Gift Bags

***PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Bid Day Bag delivery to sorority houses may be affected. We are closely monitoring the situation and will be in compliance with whatever guidelines the university has in place at the time. In the event that delivery of any kind is not allowed, Bid Day Bags will be available for pick up from our store just off campus.***

Our Bid Day Gift Bags are packaged in a white gift bag with sorority-colored tissue paper! All local LSU Bid Day Gift Bags will be delivered to the respective sorority houses by the end of the day. If nobody is at the sorority house to accept delivery, we will attempt again the following day. If we sell out of any items on Bid Day, we will replace with a similar item of equal or greater value!

If you would like to come into the store and create your own Bid Day Gift Bag, we will be happy to package and deliver it to the house on Bid Day for a minimum of $50.